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We’re building an unstoppable political organizing force to combat the rising tide of racism and bigotry in this country.

We will directly support courageous candidates running for office. We will challenge racist, corrupt politicians and their policies. We will craft new laws to radically transform this country from the inside out.

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This is an important moment in history that demands we act now, but we need all hands on deck.

Four fundamentals to make change

  • 1

    Highly energized people

    To make change, we need people who are highly energized. But alone, this is not enough. People in positions of power have shown they are willing to wait us out.

  • 2

    Deeply organized people

    The systems we’re up against are extremely organized. We need to be even more organized and leverage our skills, expertise, and passions for social change.

  • 3

    Sophisticated plans

    It’s not enough to understand the problems we face. We need plans that are just as substantive and nuanced as the issues we seek to solve.

  • 4


    Our plans for change need to be well-resourced in order to take on our opponents who have big money. We need funding to hire staff, build out phone banking and mass texting tech systems, and organize all over the country.

Our Work

The Action PAC runs hard-hitting campaigns to stop racism and bigotry in America. We unleash the power of people, organizing everywhere at once. We use digital tools to facilitate strategic plans for change – on the web, on phone lines, and on the ground. Join us in any of our campaigns:

  • Grassroots Law Project

    We've been working with families of people who've been unjustly targeted along racial lines to demand justice, and we're about to launch an exciting new project to systematize and streamline this work. Stay tuned for updates and sign our petition for George Floyd here.

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  • Justice for Ahmaud

    We're working directly with Ahmaud Arbery's family and their attorney to organize massive public pressure targeting local and federal officials. Ahmaud was just jogging when he was hunted down and murdered. Join us to demand justice.

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  • C19 Help Squad

    We’re building a team of volunteers to help people, families and businesses who have been affected by COVID-19.

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  • Free Chris Kearney

    We’re fighting to stop Los Angeles from wrongfully convicting Christopher Kearney for a murder that he did not commit. Unless we act quickly, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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  • Free Michael Thompson

    Join thousands of people across the country who are asking Governor Gretchen Whitmer to set Michael Thompson free. He has been in jail for 25 years and has 35 years left to serve – just for selling weed, which is now legal in Michigan.

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  • Free Rodney Reed

    Thanks to massive pressure, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ordered an indefinite stay of execution for Rodney Reed. But he is still in jail, and there will still be a trial.

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  • Flip the Senate

    Help elect courageous candidates for the U.S. Senate. Flipping the Senate away from conservative control is a national emergency and is vital to passing any meaningful federal reforms – no matter who is president next.

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  • 67 Senators

    We need 67 senators to remove Donald Trump from office after the House impeached him. Contact each senator until we get all of them on the record with where they stand.

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